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More proven marketing tips for dedicated instructors

Jan 10, 2020

In our November 2019 issue, we offered a batch of innovative marketing ideas that coaches could implement quickly. Kick off 2020 with these additional tips:

Create programs and opportunities for late-shift professionals:

Executive chefs at fine-dining restaurants are well-paid. So are hospital radiologists and other non-9-to-5 professionals. These are prime candidates for your weekday coaching business—people who need a distraction from their responsibilities and a new challenge that's fun and engaging. Could you create a "Golf Clinic for Clinicians" from the nearby hospital, custom-designed to fit their schedules? How about creating a series of clinics for chefs and wait staffers at the top five restaurants in your market? One way to kick-start an outreach to medical professionals who work late hours is to link your event to their hospital's annual golf tournament fundraiser. If you are the golf coach who becomes well known to these networks, word will get around, and your business will enjoy an excellent pool of clients who follow a different schedule than the rest of the world.

Stage a putting expo and show all the putting-performance help now available:

All under one roof (although there's no actual roof) you can gather your staff of instructors, a putter-fitting expert, perhaps a rep from a manufacturer known for its putter line, putting practice-aids, an AimPoint teacher and all sorts of other resources from this putting-intense era for a putting expo. Acclaimed teacher Nicole Weller called her event at The Landings Club in coastal Georgia a "Putting Fair." Weller's members received coaching in distance control, putt reading, and alignment/aim, along with all the other bells and whistles gathered on her practice green. The direct result was increased exposure by members to the club's golf professionals, nine putters sold at the fair plus interest in spin-off lessons, extra practice sessions, and clinics to advance ideas that were discovered during the fair.

Connect your golf instruction offerings to the yoga community:

It's highly impressive to see how intently golf coaches have studied bio-kinesiology and other aspects of the fitness-golf connection. Question: Do any of the 1,000 or so regular yoga students in your area know that flexibility and golf success go together? Do the yoga instructors? Think about this: Whatever value the local yoga teachers feel they are delivering to their students, you could give them one more arrow for their quiver—they are helping their clients develop the type of flexibility, balance and conditioning that a good golf swing thrives on. Any yoga student who has remotely considered trying golf is, at the very minimum, going to get a little thrill at knowing they've got a significant advantage over the non-yoga beginner—and that's an incentive for them to come to the tee. How about a Get Golf Ready just for active yoga students? Or a demo at the yoga class showing how well a limber and yoga-trained body can make good golf swings? Self-improvement is the umbrella concept for the yoga student and golf student alike—make that connection in your local market and see what happens.

Market to league golfers (who can arrive early):

It's a familiar summertime sight in public golf—league golfers hustling to the tee because they have so little time to get from their place of business to the course. But some league players aren't in that time crunch and can arrive long before teammates. This means there is quite likely some form of coaching and pre-round prep that could fit into this time slot. Try surveying the league database to see who wants to show up early for putting, chipping, or perhaps some bunker help. The sessions would be relatively short and would often use a group format, so the out-of-pocket for these customers can be on the low side. Meanwhile, they become candidates for your full programs, and an advertisement for your skills if they start winning more than their fair share of matches. Use Your Email Signature to Drive Traffic to Your Offers, Events, and Ancillary Products: Every email you send to an active client or prospect can have multiple "actionable" links/buttons. Do you conduct New Student Assessments? And do you have a dedicated booking page on your website for NSA's? Embed a link to that page in a message that says: "Click here for an in-person assessment of your golf skills" or words to that effect. If you market a swing aid or practice app that golfers can learn about online, create a hyperlink button for that. Every email you send can and probably should have this calls-to-action, which are easy to create—there are even online tools for customizing them to your preference.

Got a marketing tip? Send it to, and we'll be glad to share it—with proper credit to you—in an upcoming issue.

club fitting

Where teaching meets club fitting, decisions to make

Jan 10, 2020

The old ideal was for every teacher to learn club fitting and take care of their students' gear needs. It turns out there's a range of fitting solutions.

When the first fitting carts appeared on lesson tees 30 years ago, the companies that provided them preached that club fitting was the province of the teaching professional. Instructors were told that the club purchase should be a transaction between a teacher and his or her student, based on the precision-fitting methodology. From that point forward, it's been up to instructors to decide whether to embrace this idea fully or find other ways to address the equipment needs of their students.

There's quite a variance among top instructors as to how much or how little club fitting they do. On the enthusiastic end of that spectrum is Cathy MacPherson, a noted professional based in Middleton, Mass. These days she's got two methods of handling the equipment needs of her students—fit them herself or use the services of Club Champion, as 400-plus of her fellow professionals also do.

MacPherson has kept hands-on club fitting in her repertoire even as she's benefitted from the Club Champion arrangement that began two years ago. Over that time, she's had dozens of students go through a Club Champion fitting and purchase clubs. She considers the program a win-win. "Their business model is impressive, and we've had a great flow of communication," says MacPherson. "I've gotten to know their fitters, and we talk about how to do what's best for each golfer. That's been a key element to success."

At the larger academies, a job description of a specialist in golf gear has emerged. An example is the Mike Bender Golf Academy in Lake Mary, Fla., where Matt Wilkes is one such expert—although Wilkes does teach his roster of students along with running junior clinics and coaching groups of women players.

Despite how advanced his golf-equipment skills have become, Wilkes still sees the world through the eyes of a teacher. No matter how inappropriate a client's clubs maybe, Wilkes will still "point them to instruction" if their baseline ability to make a swing that advances the ball is below a certain level. And yes, his nationally known colleagues Cheryl Anderson and Mike Bender do assign to Wilkes the step-by-step of a club fitting session needed by one of their students, albeit with substantial consultation based on their swing diagnosis.

There will always be full-time instructors—and you may be one of them—who have a talent for fitting clubs, enjoy doing it, and connect teaching with fitting in an organic way. One such coach is Bill Abrams, director of instruction at Golf Solutions Academy in Crete, Ill. For Abrams, there are multiple reasons to keep the gear aspect of golf performance under his aegis. Generally speaking, it enhances continuity in the teacher-student relationship, he argues quite convincingly.

"We give students whatever we can to help them improve, whether that's swing technique, a fitness regimen, better course management—and those things tie back to equipment," says Abrams. "A student can build their core and their upper body, and at that point, the clubs may need another look. With the juniors, especially the boys of a certain age, I might switch them through two or three shafts a year."

The cost of shaft changes of this type is no significant factor, either. Abrams sources UST shafts at a discount, he uses PGA Trade-in services liberally, and he's "built a library of fitting shafts over the years that gives me a lot of options." Shaft couplings that allow instant switch-out, no epoxy needed, also facilitate Bill's approach. Even set configuration can be affected by what gets taught. As strategic thinking improves, a golfer may decide they need a couple of new hybrids that offer a better chance to play from optimal positions.

Meanwhile, the fitting has an artistic side, in which the golfer sees and feels results that are naturally pleasing to the eye. "The trajectory of the shot, the curve, the full flight, the hang time—all those things matter to golfers," Abrams says. The gear side of Bill's annual revenue comes to between 15 and 20 percent, he says. And that's not counting the loyalty factor among lesson-takers that his skill and ingenuity as a fitter help build.

If you've set a goal to run your teaching business more effectively in 2020, CLICK HERE to learn about Instructor Plus, a new service that's helping coaches solve business problems and succeed as never before.

on-course coaching

Techniques for successful on-course coaching

Jan 10, 2020

The playing lesson has been around a long time, but new and more effective ways of conducting these on-course sessions are emerging.

Golf is the only sport that isn't routinely taught on its "field of play." That's why you can Google the phrase "can't take my driving range swing to the course" and find pages of articles addressing the problem. Of course, 90-shooters who moan about this usually fail to track how many lousy shots they produce in a range session, but they're still right that ball-hitting on-course can seem dramatically different from hitting on-range.

In general, the emphasis on coaching "situationally" is growing. Leading lights such as Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson are gradually leaving the range behind, shifting their focus to on-course work as a standard procedure with every student.

Pinehurst Learning Center students get whatever customized form of on-course work will help them the most. "We may have them hit a drive, hit an approach shot, then U-turn back to the tee to try those two shots again, with a different thought and different strategy," says academy director Eric Alpenfels. "We might go to various trouble areas and drop several balls at a time." And if a player "gets hot," just continuing on, in the zone and encouraged by their instructor, might be the best coaching they ever received.

At Monarch Beach Resort in the California town of Dana Point, award-winning teacher Glenn Deck will sometimes begin a playing lesson with 20 minutes on the range. The idea is to get a baseline for where the golfer and their mechanics are at that particular moment, before heading out. After the range phase is over, Glenn's rule of "no mechanics on the course" takes effect.

"The idea is to find optimal ways to teach the student how to play the game," Deck says. "Which side of the tee box do they start from? Do they know how to calculate yardage so it accounts for all factors? Do they know where they can miss and where not to miss? Are they trying to hit their career shot every time? Can they control distance on high-lofted clubs? There's a whole separate assessment to go through," he says, "The price they pay for that amount of time is considerable ($600 for 3.5 hours, including the range time), but the level of detail we get into is deep. It covers a whole lot of ground."

Colorado-based Dan Sniffen has learned the value of on-course instruction as a retention tool. If a 10-lesson series has gone well but is approaching its endpoint with no on-course work having occurred, heading out to the fairways is a great tool for refocusing the student and restating the value of long-term coaching.

"Going on the course is a good refresher for the relationship, and it can bring the student back to that sense they had at the beginning of wanting to really accomplish something," Sniffen believes. He will use the playing lesson to produce a simplified Strokes Gained worksheet, showing where the player can genuinely lower their score and what sort of practice and coaching is appropriate going forward to do so. "That approach generally leads to a renewal," says Dan.

Are you getting some static from the golf shop about playing lessons? Veteran coach Bill Davis has always handled that issue by repeating what George Fazio told him: Growing the game means teaching most effectively, so that golfers play better—which means you need to take them on the course. The result is they will play more often and spend more money at the facility.

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Kelly Morrow, PGA

Boosting events business with GOLF Business Solutions

Sep 19, 2019

EagleSticks Golf Club’s Kelly Morrow is boosting his events business with the help of GOLF Business Solutions’ Advanced Marketing Program – or AMP.

Learn more about our Advanced Marketing Program, HERE.

Chef Ponzio

Medinah’s culinary team delivers at BMW Championship

Aug 22, 2019

While fans at last week’s BMW Championship kept a close watch on the FedExCup leaderboard, they probably paid little notice to the show being staged by the culinary staff at Medinah Country Club – a performance that proved just as compelling as the action on the course.

As the host golf course, Medinah’s culinary operation, led by Executive Chef Michael Ponzio, efficiently and seamlessly planned and served more than 33,000 meals throughout the week at the Chicago-area club. While the best golfers in the world competed for the win and a top position in this week’s season-ending TOUR Championship, Ponzio’s team catered to their every culinary need, while doing the same for their club members, and a large contingent of news media.

The sheer volume of just the food prep, alone, for the week was mind boggling. This included making more than 5,000 bagels from scratch, smoking more than 2,000 pounds of meat in their on-site smokers and hard-boiling more than 6,000 eggs. The team worked in multiple shifts around the clock.

“We had an incredible week and I learned how far our team could be pushed, especially considering many of the curveballs thrown our way,” Ponzio said. “To produce that kind of volume from scratch was quite an accomplishment. Food is such a big part of major golf events, and we truly executed a showcase of what we call the ‘Medinah experience.’”

Ponzio’s prep for the week was captured by GOLF Channel cameras and he was interviewed by Morning Drive co-host Gary Williams during the show’s Wednesday telecast on location at Medinah. The Chef also provided a look inside the Medinah F&B operation as part of the original GOLFPASS series, My Daily Routine, which is currently available as part of a vast video library accessible to anyone with a GOLFPASS membership.

Ponzio is keenly aware how golf course culinary operations – both big and small – can benefit from a group-buying program to help them succeed, like the Ride serviced offered by GOLF Business Solutions. The source of Ride as a procurement difference-maker is the immense purchasing power of Comcast, the $84 billion company that owns Xfinity, Universal Studios and the NBC networks, including GOLF Channel. Currently, more than 700 golf courses use Ride to save anywhere from 6 to 35 percent annually on agronomy, food-and-beverage and business supplies.

Medinah joined the Ride program in May and leaned on the service to help the club prepare for its big week. “US Foods was very helpful and accommodating,” Ponzio said. “Their online ordering system made things very simple and gave us the time-saving power to search and order on our own, without having to call a rep and wait for options. For example, if I wanted a snack mix, I could go online and search multiple options and just pick what I wanted.”

“We really did our homework leading into the week,” Ponzio said. “We talked with other chefs who have hosted big golf events before and worked with local farmers to bring in some really cool food options that created special, unexpected moments.

“It definitely had an impact,” he said, “I’ve never seen food talked about so much before during a golf telecast.”

To learn more about the GOLF Business Solutions food and beverage group purchasing programs, CLICK HERE.

Transition to Ride

Transitioning to Ride is a seamless golf solution

Jul 24, 2019

Group purchasing delivers bottom-line savings, period. Joining or transitioning to the Ride service offered by GOLF Business Solutions can be easy, seamless and stress free. Hear why from Matthew O’Connor, executive chef at Bonnie Briar Country Club in Larchmont, N.Y.

To learn more about our Ride program, CLICK HERE.


NBC Sports Logo


Nov 20, 2019

ORLANDO, Fla. (Nov. 20, 2019) – NBC Sports Group today announced it has acquired EZLinks Golf, a PGA TOUR-affiliated company, including its online tee time marketplace for golfers and its technology platforms, business solutions and customer service for golf course partners. The addition of EZLinks will complement NBC Sports Group’s existing portfolio of golf-related lifestyle brands dedicated to enhancing the golf experience through technology, including GOLF Business Solutions, GOLFNOW, and GOLFPASS.

“As an innovative leader that is at the intersection of golf and technology, NBC Sports continues to invest in our portfolio of golf lifestyle businesses to better serve golfers and golf courses,” said Will McIntosh, executive vice president, NBC Sports Digital and Consumer Business. “Incorporating the technology and services of EZLinks into the comprehensive digital solutions we already offer will enhance our ability to help golf courses operate more efficiently and make the game more accessible for golfers.”

For more than 20 years, EZLinks has provided software and services that power the unique operations and marketing needs of the golf industry, as well as TeeOff, an online tee time marketplace for golfers. EZLinks brings deep experience in working with independent golf course operators and management companies, as well as resorts, municipalities, and private clubs, and its addition will further bolster GOLF Business Solutions’ comprehensive offerings for golf course partners.

“Like GOLFNOW, EZLinks has been committed to maintaining an open platform for golf operators,” said Gary Cohen, chief executive officer of EZLinks Golf. “The combination of our two organizations will only enhance that shared commitment as we work more closely together to serve the needs of our clients and golfers everywhere.”


“Simply put, our strategy is to make golf more accessible, simpler and more enjoyable to play by using tech and services that help better connect golfers and golf courses,” said Jeff Foster, senior vice president, GOLFNOW and Emerging Businesses. “Teeoff and EZLinks Golf will round out our comprehensive portfolio designed to help courses elevate the golf experience at their venues and to better serve needs of the modern golfer.”

NBC Sports’ portfolio of lifestyle businesses is tailored to the specific needs of passionate participants and valued partners looking to enhance the experience of playing sports:

  • GOLF Business Solutions offers course partners access to a portfolio of business-to-business solutions and technology, highlighted by:

    • G1 and GOLFNOW Reservations, which are golf course management and point-of-sale platforms developed for courses’ technology needs.
    • GOLFNOW Central, which provides marketing, engagement and reputation solutions.
    • GOLFNOW Payments platform, which allows a golf course to seamlessly accept every form of payment from everywhere at their facility.
  • GOLFNOW, an online tee time marketplace featuring more than 6,000 golf courses in 24 countries, making it easy for golfers to find a course that best fits their taste, budget and needs. GOLFPASS+ members receive additional Play benefits, including no booking fees, cancellation protection and 25% more rewards points.

  • GOLFPASS digital membership program, co-founded with Rory McIlroy, which offers exclusive benefits and perks encompassing the things golfers love to do most – Play, Learn, Shop, Travel, Watch. Now available in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, and Australia.

  • Shop with GOLF, an e-commerce platform giving golfers new ways to engage with their favorite brands, shows, personalities and content, and an integral part of GOLFPASS’ Shop benefits. The platform is a partnership with NBCUniversal Ad Sales.

  • SportsEngine, the leading provider of Sport Relationship Management software, serves more than 1.2 million sports teams and 40,000 sports leagues, resulting in 16 million coaches, parents and athletes using the platform. SportsEngine is the largest integrated amateur sports technology platform in the world and provides SportsEngine Safety, the largest youth sports background screening and abuse prevention training company in the market.

  • NBC Sports Gold, a direct-to-consumer live streaming product, features tailored passes across Premier League, PGA TOUR Live, Notre Dame Football, cycling, track and field, snow sports, ice skating, rugby, Pro Motocross, and Premiere Lacrosse League. NBC Sports Gold is powered by Playmaker Media and is available on Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex, Apple iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and online at

  • Rotoworld, the industry leader in fantasy sports information as the highest-trafficked site, which features news, headlines, fantasy columns and premium draft kits via the web, the NBC Sports mobile website, Rotoworld Fantasy News app and two paid Draft Guide mobile apps for football and baseball.

About GOLF Business Solutions
GOLF Business Solutions is a complete spectrum of business-to-business services offered by the family of golf brands within the NBC Sports Group portfolio. Building off the recognition and trust of the GOLF Channel brand, the offerings of GOLF Business Solutions are designed to meet the comprehensive needs of businesses interested in investing in golf, helping them to become more efficient and effective.

About NBC Sports Digital
A division of NBC Sports Group, NBC Sports Digital provides sports fans with live streaming of premier events that air on NBC, NBCSN, GOLF Channel, Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA, Telemundo, including the Olympics and Sunday Night Football; sport-specific websites that provide 24/7 news, scores and updates, including Mike Florio’s ProFootballTalk and Peter King’s Football Morning in America; best-in-class fantasy sports information through Rotoworld, the No. 1 fantasy sports information site; hyper-local coverage via websites and apps for the nine NBC Sports Regional Networks; and NBC Sports Gold, NBC Sports’ direct-to-consumer live streaming product that offers fans extensive access via 18 individual sport ‘passes.’ Additionally, NBC Sports Digital includes SportsEngine, an amateur league and team management platform; GOLFNOW, the leading online tee time marketplace; and GOLF Business Solutions, best-in-class business-to-business products and services. NBC Sports Digital also owns and operates Playmaker Media, a technology service that provides end-to-end support for companies in need of best-in-class live streaming and VOD solutions. The Yahoo! Sports-NBC Sports Network, a digital content and promotional partnership, constantly ranks among the most-trafficked digital properties in all of sports.

Women's Golf Day

GOLF Business Solutions partners with Women's Golf Day

May 02, 2019

Supporting women in the game of golf

ORLANDO, Fla.(May 1, 2019) – Celebrating women in golf, GOLF Business Solutions has partnered with Women's Golf Day to support its June 4 event and the organization’s efforts that encourage women and girls to get more involved in the game.

"Our team works continually to provide solutions for our partners, and collaborating with Women's Golf Day to provide our partners with unique access is one of those solutions,” said Jeff Foster, senior vice president, GOLFNOW and Emerging Businesses. “Growing the game through increased female participation is good for everyone, and the attention we will help to create for this day is another step in the right direction. We hope to see hundreds of new golf facilities participating in 2019."   

As part of the partnership, GOLF Business Solutions will launch various marketing initiatives to encourage GOLFNOW's 7,000+ golf course partners to host Women’s Golf Day activities. Providing an incentive, registration fees will be waived for all GOLFNOW courses that utilize its Plus  service – a $79.99 value! All other GOLFNOW partner courses will be receiving a 20 percent registration discount.

Women’s Golf Day is a one-day, four-hour experience that is becoming a global movement. It combines golf with social and networking activities and allows every woman the opportunity to explore the various golf-related options in her local community. Over the past three years, the event has been hosted by more than 900 venues in 52 countries. It has engaged a community of more than 50,000 women. 

The rapid rise in the number of women playing golf isn’t just a trend. It's real evidence that women have become an important segment of the game – not only socially, but economically as well. Savvy golf course operators already know this and over time have taken steps to accommodate the needs and wants of the female golfer.

Courses utilizing Plus should contact their GOLF Business Solutions representative for directions on how to register for free.

Other GOLFNOW partner courses who wish to participate in Women’s Golf Day can click here for more information or register to host the event with the code GOLFNOW2019.  


NBC Sports Group Launches GOLF Business Solutions

NBC Sports Group Launches GOLF Business Solutions

Feb 28, 2019


Comprehensive Business Solutions from GOLFNOW, GOLF Advisor, Revolution GOLF, GOLF Academy, GOLF Am Tour Now Consolidated Under One Umbrella Brand

GOLF Business Solutions Website Launches Wednesday, Jan. 23, During PGA Merchandise Show

NBC Sports Group today announced that business services once offered separately by its GOLF brands portfolio will combine under one umbrella brand called GOLF Business Solutions. The new GOLF Business Solutions will be formally introduced at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show, displaying at booth #2173 and located adjacent to GOLF Channel’s Morning Drive stage.

As a comprehensive offering of solutions designed to help any business looking to connect with the sport of golf operate more efficiently and effectively, GOLF Business Solutions simplifies the way companies like GOLFNOW, GOLF Advisor, Revolution GOLF, GOLF Academy and GOLF Am Tour have previously served their partners. Once offered separately by each business, GOLF Business Solutions will provide the complete spectrum of services for virtually any need within golf, including technology and operations, brand management, advertising, sponsorships, event planning and management, content development, and more.

“GOLF Business Solutions is very much a customer-centric brand, built on the recognition and trust GOLF Channel has earned as an innovative leader within the golf industry for more than two decades,” said Jeff Foster, senior vice president, GOLF Business Solutions. “Whether you’re a supplier, instructor, resort operator or any business looking for a solution within golf, we’ve made GOLF Business

Solutions a destination that is relevant and purpose-built to support their business needs through best-in-class technology, marketing and services.”

One of the primary points of connection for customers of GOLF Business Solutions will be a new website, which has launched in beta, with an official debut on Wednesday, Jan. 23, in conjunction with the PGA Merchandise Show. Easily navigated, it will feature information on a broad spectrum of services relevant to various customer categories, including:

  • Golf Facilities: technology and operations, purchasing, consulting and support, marketing for golf courses, practice ranges and other off-course facilities.
  • Instructors: brand management, consulting, website design and management for golf instructors.
  • Suppliers: distribution, advertising, partnerships and content creation for product companies.
  • Golf Outings: event planning and management; marketing support for charity/fundraising and/or professional outings.
  • Hospitality & Tourism: operational support, technology and marketing support for resorts and other travel destinations.
  • Media: TV and digital exposure through partnerships, advertising, sponsorships, content integration.

GOLF Business Solutions’ website also will include The Index, featuring compelling and relevant business-to-business editorial content that will offer information, insight and thought leadership designed to help professionals working within the golf industry run their businesses more effectively and contribute toward their success.

This tailored content for golf industry professionals will include informational tips, best practices, online learning series, white papers, podcasts and video, including roundtable discussions featuring leaders from all segments of the industry.

About GOLF Business Solutions

GOLF Business Solutions is a complete spectrum of business-to-business services offered by the family of golf brands within the NBC Sports Group portfolio and managed by GOLF Channel. Building off the recognition and trust of the GOLF brand, the comprehensive offerings of GOLF Business Solutions are designed to meet virtually any need of businesses interested in investing in golf, helping them to become more efficient and effective. Included are services offered by GOLFNOW, GOLF Advisor, Revolution GOLF, GOLF Academy and GOLF Am Tour.

-NBC Sports Group-

Media Contact:

Dan Higgins
GOLF Communications

Downloadable Resources

Chapter 6 - Procurement

The Playbook - Chapter 6

Feb 20, 2019

Time to think outside the procurement box

Group purchasing brings new profit possibilities to golf operations. Courses can stock up on products they already buy, as well as others they need at a significant cost savings. With significant cost savings and ability to earn points toward tech, satisfied golf courses see enough savings to make a difference. 

chapter 1

The Playbook - Chapter 1

Jan 17, 2019

Who doesn’t want to book more rounds and generate more revenue?

And while you’re at it, let’s solidify your position in your marketplace and start operating at peak efficiency. Private club, daily fee, municipal or resort course — all have the same goals in these competitive times. Finally, there’s one go-to source to help golf operations learn and activate best-practices throughout their operations.

The Playbook - Chapter 2

The Playbook - Chapter 2

Jan 17, 2019

Best practices for having the right product at the right time for the right price.

What started with the airline and hotel industries is spreading to restaurants, theaters … and golf courses. Dynamic pricing is the inventory strategy courses are using right now to maximize revenue.