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Sales 101

“Gateway” success and how to achieve it

Does your first lesson with a new student often become the only lesson you give them? Find out how to develop loyal students who train with you for years.

  • Don’t let your concept about what’s expensive limit your potential.
  • “How much” is often the first question asked. Answering it effectively tees you up for long-term coaching.
  • People buy with emotion but justify their purchases intellectually. Learn to find their emotional pains.
  • Can you convincingly layout a full year of golf improvement?
  • Handicaps don’t get cut in half after one or two lessons.

Sales 201

The Business-minded-coach’s pattern for long-term coaching

  • Making the improvement process tangible opens a student’s eyes to what it’s really going to take.
  • Changing movement patterns in the proper sequence can shorten the learning curve.
  • When to work on what: With the club championship coming up, it isn’t time to change someone’s swing.
  • Tee-to-green improvement requires holistic and comprehensive instruction.

Sales 301

Driving the Revenue Engine

  • Booking strategies: Never again say, “Call me when you’re ready for your next lesson.”
  • Control your schedule: Coaches in every other sport dictate the practice schedule. (So why are golf instructors different?)
  • Increasing renewals: Retention of existing customers is the easiest way to meet revenue goals. Here are strategies to make it happen.
  • Equipment sales matter: How many strokes can you shave from your student’s score with proper equipment? Have a system for fitting that dovetails with your coaching.

“Our time using GOLF Business Solutions’ Sales Training has already reaped benefits, but I know the best is yet to come. Andy has shared his wisdom and insight, helping our team gain a clearer understanding of how to meet students’ needs and create a better model for our instruction business.”

Bobby Clampett, Impact Zone Golf


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