Reach more golfers than ever before with the ultimate booking engine for golf lessons.

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Connecting golf coaches to millions of avid golfers is used by millions to book tee times every year. Now, those same golfers can use it to book lessons with coaches like you. Be among the first to experience the power of Coach Marketplace with unmatched exposure and powerful technology.

Unmatched Visibility

Build a professional profile and reach over 3.5 million golfers already booking on GOLFNOW.

Seamless Booking

Utilize ThrivSports booking to seamlessly fill your schedule with services and available programs.

Event Registration

Fill up your group clinics and other unique events with marketing and registration on GOLFNOW.

Pricing Control

Take complete control of your pricing and programs on-the-go with your ThrivSports account!


Coach Marketplace not only allows you to capitalize on more than 50 million site visits each year, but comes with digital and on-air marketing campaigns built to ensure more golf lessons are being booked than ever before.


From single lessons to events, as well as recurring programs and packages, our integrated booking software in Coach Marketplace will allow GOLFNOW users to find you and get on your schedule right away.

  • Private & Group Sessions
  • Recurring Memberships & Classes
  • Events, Camps & Clinics
  • Payment Integration


Reach more golfers, sell more lessons.

Learn how Coach Marketplace on GOLFNOW can help you reach a golf audience like never before, with unmatched visibility and seamless booking to promote your golf instruction.

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